Friday 28 October 2016

Sticky Coconut laddoo

I wanted to try coconut barfi for Diwali. I decided to try a recipe I had heard a long time back but wasn’t very sure about it. Anyways I mixed ingredients to the best of my memory and instead of coconut burfi this tasty sticky laddoo was created. The reason the barfi did not set was because I had to cook the jaggery a bit longer both before and after adding the grated coconut.
In spite of the goof up it was delicious proof being my 20 month old foodie daughter ate it without any complaints.
So try this laddoo for Diwali. 

Wish you All A Very Happy Diwali

Sticky Coconut laddoo
Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: 7
  • 250gms Coconut
  • 250gms Jaggery
  • 4tsp Cardamom powder
  • as required Ghee
1. Grate the coconut. 2. In a wok/kadai, add jaggery and let it melt.Add cardamom powder 3. Once the jaggery is melted and sticky( it should form a string when a drop is stretched between fingers) add the grated coconut. 4. Mix it till all the water from the coconut dries and the mixture is sticky again. 5. Once this mixture cools apply ghee to your palm and roll in to balls.