Sunday 20 October 2013

Maanji Ghashi ( Pomfret in a spicy coconut based gravy)

Like I mentioned in my last post , it’s a fish fiesta in my house. Reason, we have got lots of fish. It is just not possible to go to the market and not get loads of fish. When in the market it is just feels like you need to buy all of it and more. 

The first thing I do is to survey the market. See what is available and make a mental note of what I would buy and from which vendor.  Next comes the biggest challenge…BARGAIN. It takes lot of patience and skill to do this. I am no good at it but thank god my hubby is. I am usually just praying they come to an agreement and I get the fish I want.  In spite of deciding every time not to buy too many ….we never succeed. So I have lots of fish and so lots of recipes to post.

Here is the recipe for maanji (in Konkani) ghashi / Pomfret in coconut gravy. This is very common in all fish eating Konkani families.  My recipe is a combination of my moms and mom-in-laws recipe. I asked them both how to make. I got to slightly different answers.  So I decided to club them together and it was yum.

Pomfret – 4 cut into pieces
Onion – 3
Ginger - 7 to 8 tbsp finely chopped
Coconut – ½ grated
Tamarind – a small piece
Red chilies Р7 to 8 lightly saut̩ed (as per taste)

1.    Grind  ½ onion ,coconut, red chilies, tamarind into a smooth paste
2.    In a wok , add the fish ,1 onion finely chopped , 3 tbsp ginger and some water and let it cook
3.    When the fish is half cooked, add the masala and mix well.
4.    Allow this to cook on a low flame till the fish is cooked and the raw smell of masala is gone.
5.   In another pan heat 3  tsp oil. Add remaining onion (1 ½) and brown it slightly. When done add remaining ginger and fry for another 2 to 3 minutes .Add this to the fish curry.
6.    Add salt and serve hot with rice.

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