Saturday, 14 September 2013

Kori Rotti (Chicken Coconut Gravy)

Kori Rotti is a delicacy pioneered by the Bunt community(A community of the coastal area of southern Karnataka ).’ Kori’ means chicken in Tulu(Language spoken by the bunts) and it is eaten with ‘Rotti’ (rice flakes). Being born and brought time in Udupi, I have savored it all my life, most of the time in restaurants.
Having done my B.E in NMAMIT, Nitte, an institute run by Bunts, most of my friends were also Bunts. So I got this recipe from a friend’s mom and believe me it’s better than the ones served in restaurant.

Chicken –1 kg
Coconut – 1 ( 1/2 for coconut milk and ½ for masala)
Dried Red Chillies – 10 to 12 ( Bedgi)
Coriander seeds –  3 tbsp ( or a handful)
Jeera  - 1 ½ tbsp
Pepper Corns – 5 to 6
Onion – 1 medium finely chopped
Curry leaves – A handful


1.       Grate half of the coconut,  add water and grind it.  Pour this into a strainer and extract the milk. Keep this thick coconut milk aside. To the residue left in the strainer add about 3 cups of water and again squeeze to extract thinner milk. The think coconut milk will be used to cook the chicken.
2.       In 2 tsp oil fry the red chillies slightly and keep aside.
3.       In the same pan add some more oil and saute the coriander seeds,jeera and peppercorns for about 3 to 5 minutes .Add this to the red chillies
4.       Next in the same pan add other ½  of the coconut and fry it for about 2 minutes .Add this to the above ingredients.
5.       Grind the above ingredients to a fine paste with enough water.
6.       In a kadai (wok) , add the chicken and the thin coconut milk and cook it for 6 to 7 minutes
7.       Then add the ground paste and salt to the chicken and leave it till the chicken is cooked.
8.       In a pan heat oil and add chopped onion and lightly fry it.
9.       To this add curry leaves.
10.   Then add this to the chicken curry.

This can be eaten with rotti or rice.
1.       For more flavor 1 cardamon pod,2 cloves and 1” cinnamon can be added while frying the dry ingredients.
2.       If you like spicy curry then spicy red chilli(Guntur) can be used.


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