Thursday 26 September 2013

Charbure Undo (Puffed rice laddoo)

Puffed rice laddoo is probably one of the easiest snack to make at home. It requires very few ingredients and is ready in a jiffy.   This  always makes me nostalgic. My grandma, aunt and mom would sit together to make these. I wasn’t allowed to try making one because the mixture was hot and it’s not child’s play.  Ah!!! …those were the days.

The most important point to keep in mind is to work when the mixture is hot. Once it cools down, it becomes difficult to mold them into balls.  Secondly the jaggery used should be the sticky one. The reason I am emphasizing this is because apparently there are two types of jaggery, one that is sticky (used to make sweets) and another that is not.

Puffed rice – 2 cups
Jaggery -  ½ cup
Cardamom – 2 crushed
Ghee – 2 tsp

1.       Heat ghee in a wok.
2.       Add jaggery to it and allow it to melt.  To this add crushed cardamom.
3.       Finally add the puffed rice and mix thoroughly.
4.       Mold into balls.
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  1. Hi Rajeshwari,

    Have a query here, how to ensure that the puffed rice doesn't become soft?
    I just felt it becomes soft, maybe in actual practice it may not. I want to try this out, but wanted to know how this will behave.?

  2. Hi Phoenix,

    The heat from the melted jaggery makes the puffed rice crispy. Also jaggery starts hardening once its taken off the burner and makes the laddoo very crispy. It will remain so for about a week and then slowly starts becoming soft.

    Make sure the puffed rice isn't soft in the first place.